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GAW INDIA - Leaping into the modern age

India is the largest democracy in the world and as a market is already larger than Western Europe. Gigantic projects offer almost endless possibilities for Austrian industrial plant engineers and technology suppliers. Those who have known China for some time will experience deja vu in India: Just like the Middle Kingdom of China fifteen years ago, it is now the Indian tiger that is taking a great leap forwards. Economic forecasts are sometimes almost euphoric. There is talk of sustained growth at a rate of more than seven per cent of the GDP.


Primus award for the lifetime achievement of Jochen Pildner-Steinburg

Jochen Pildner Steinburg s w

Driver, demonstrator and advantage taker. Jochen Pildner-Steinburg has shaped the economic, political and sporting landscape of the Styrian province in Austria. The captain of industry and “homo politicus” was awarded a prize for lifetime achievement. So we have reproduced this excerpt from the witty testimony of Provincial Governor a.D. Franz Voves...


The next generation takes over at GAW technologies GmbH

The Engineering plant construction Firm GAW technologies GmbH is all set for a change, and at the same time connoting Continuity. After 42 years as the CEO Mr. Jochen Pildner-Steinburg is handing over the reins, of the company founded by his father in 1951, to the next generation. In future, he will be diverting his attention 100% to the family standing property GAW Pildner-Steinburg Holding GmbH.


Aktuelle Ausgabe GAW Group Zeitung

Die neueste Ausgabe von "imteam" unserer GAW GROUP Zeitung ist verfügbar!


Order from Cheng Yang Paper Vietnam

Cheng Yang Paper Mill Co., Ltd. has awarded GAW technologies with an order for starch preparation, working station and wet end chemical preparation system for the PM2 at the location Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.


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