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Natural calcium carbonate (Ground Calcium Carbonate) is used in paper manufacturing as a filler and a coating pigment for surface finishing, whereby the ultimate refinement of the products is achieved during the single or multi-step refining procedure in the GAW-GCC machines.

The fully automatic continuous process lines guarantee the specified quality characteristics.


GAW Ultramill – Milling Technology with Multi-Faceted Applications

The new vertical GAW milling installation Ultramill is used for the milling of a wide variety of media, for example calcium carbonate, clay, PCC, but also for the tailoring of soils containing platinum or gold.

ultramill_01The new vertical mill, which is already successfully used in more than 120 applications worldwide in its execution for the milling of natural calcium carbonate, permits multiple adaptations. Amongst others, it can also be used in platinum mines and gold mines in order to loosen the high-value material from the rock – with the advantage of a substantially higher selectivity compared to the usual customary procedures used.

Low Energy Consumption with High Installation Efficiency

The milling machine uses an extremely energy-saving milling ball technology, which enables it to achieve specific and tailor-made particle dimensions from 0.5-200 micrometers. This can be easily adapted for different milling processes. The milling discs are built in the exclusive GAW turbo design and are of modular configuration to allow for a wide variety of end products.
All the parts used for milling operations are designed to be able to slide around the shaft in any required configuration. This guarantees maximum flexibility of design and optimises energy consumption, installation efficiency and maintenance costs.

Different Sizes

Sizes range from the Ultramill 100 with a milling chamber volume of 100 l, engine capacity of 22 kW and a unit weight excluding milling balls of 0.9 tonnes, to the Ultramill 4000, with a milling chamber volume of 4000 l, engine capacity of 830 kW and a unit weight excluding milling balls of 32 tonnes.

Added Value for the Customer

  • Low energy costs
  • High milling efficiency
  • More efficient particle size control
  • Robust construction
  • No seal leakage
  • No back pressure problems
  • No filtration problems
  • Better heat dissipation
  • Greater reliability
  • Short manufacturing time
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Oil-less gear box
  • Standard IEC motors
  • Smaller physical size

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