Filter Systems

GAW ECO-R FilterFilters and sieves are indispensable components in the highly complex process of paper manufacturing and finishing. GAW filter and straining systems provide solutions for a wide array of demands.


The GAW-ECO-R pressure filter is used for filtering pigment and coating colour and is specially acclaimed for its high filter capacity when dealing with minimum processing volumes and the ability to maintain constant distribution in the filter area.

In addition to slotted screens, perforated baskets ensure optimal filter quality with a high degree of wear-resistance and a longer lasting scraper are also used as filter medium.




The GAW-ECO-S filter is made up of static filter elements, which are available in three sizes and can be combined to match the desired throughput rate.
This closed filter system runs continuously and features a high resistance to wear and low maintenance costs.




The GAW ultrafiltration process was specially developed for the paper and carton industry with particular focus on the paper finishing process via coating.
This highly profitable procedure is able to run continuously 24/7 recirculating coating colour extracted from rinsing water and thereby plays a significant role in protecting our environment.

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