GAW Fibre Extraction System: New Filtration Method

Effective fibre extraction from starch adhesive and/or the coating colour cycle at the work stations

Through the combination of GAW ECO-R and ECO-S filtration systems in the filtration of fibre-enhanced starch adhesive and/or for fibre extraction in the coating colour cycle at the work stations, a new filtration method has been developed with the GAW FIBRE EXTRACTION SYSTEM (FES). The permanent partial-current sifting of the materials that takes place over a GAW ECO-S filtration system removes the fibres from the work cycle. The fully automated filtration control make the process highly user-friendly.

Space-saving, Clean and Maintenance-free

The GAW-FES compact design reduces the need for space at the assembly site, and keeps the surrounding area clean in comparison to open sifting.
The dynamically mounted carbon scraping tools clean the ECO-R’s cylindrical filtration bodies. The amount of partial current flowing over the reject conduit is kept constant over the downstream ECO-S filter by means of flow regulation. The amount of partial current is monitored with a flow monitor, and the degree of fouling is detected on the ECO-S filter. A cyclical interval flushing of the ECO-S filtration cartridges ensures maintenance-free operation.

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