Dispersing Machines

GAW dispersing machines, the heart of the coating colour kitchen, are equipped with the latest dispersion units which allow the highest possible level of production quality.

VST- Dispersion Unit VST- Dispersion Unit
The Variable Shear Technology is based on continuous alignment of the shear rate during operation, thereby ensuring extremely careful and steady coating color processing. Since dry products can be directly dispensed, higher solid contents are achieved than when using conventional systems and the binding agent and energy requirements are optimized.

Contimixer CC500
The continuous dispersion station Contimixer CC500 features minimal space and energy requirements and produces a constant 28,000 litres per hour of coating colour.
The special division into four mixing zones prevents the coating colour from heating up and provides ideal results.

Mixer Mixer
The mixing of process media (e.g. via homogenization of stirring) is one of the fundamental operations in mechanical process engineering. Based on the requirements, GAW offers individual solutions for mixing systems, tanks and special equipment.

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