GAW Combined Dispersing System

The Combined Dispersing System (CDS) allows for the optimised input of dry products and reduces the amount of dispersal product to be used with consistently high slurry stability and high solid contents.

Combined Dispersing System (CDS)Even when dry products are being input into the coating water or a pre-existing slurry, excellent wetting is enabled by the CDS (Combined Dispersing System). With a rotor and stator coating of 0% and a strongly designed entry funnel, the dry product is input and finely distributed into the liquid phase by the CD rotor. Afterwards dispersion follows with high shear rates in combination with the GAW-VST (Variable Shear Technology) with continuous adjustability up to 100 % coating.
Input behaviour and shear rates can be adjusted on the one hand by means of the VST and on the other hand by the rotation speed during operation. Flow technique facilities can also further influence the input behaviour. This allows for wetting in the "Low-Shear" region and dispersion in the "High Shear" region, with short batch cycle times and high solid contents. Furthermore, clear savings in terms of energy and additives are achieved with a consistently high slurry stability.


CDS is fully compatible with existing GAW-VST dispersion units, which ensures that retrofitting is simple.

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