GAW INDIA - Leaping into the modern age

India is the largest democracy in the world and as a market is already larger than Western Europe. Gigantic projects offer almost endless possibilities for Austrian industrial plant engineers and technology suppliers. Those who have known China for some time will experience deja vu in India: Just like the Middle Kingdom of China fifteen years ago, it is now the Indian tiger that is taking a great leap forwards. Economic forecasts are sometimes almost euphoric. There is talk of sustained growth at a rate of more than seven per cent of the GDP.

Really. The middle class may be growing relatively slowly but on a subcontinent with over one billion inhabitants, small percentage growths mean large actual numbers. According to a current study, by 2025 over 500 million Indians will have made the leap into the middle class. This is the ultimate expression of a continuous upward trend. Since 2013, the GDP growth has remained constant at around seven per cent and, according to forecasts, will stay in this range. Additional growth is being stimulated thanks to the Indian government driving the modernisation of the economy with the campaign “Make in India” with the intention of increasing the industrial proportion of the GDP.

The objective of the “Make in India” campaign is to position India as an ideal, global production location both for the domestic market and for exports. Currently, the production sector in India has a proportion of 16% of the overall GDP added value; by 2022 it should have increased to 25%. By comparison, the corresponding value in China is already at 32% of the GDP. Whether India will supersede China in future as a driver of economic boom remains to be seen. In any case, the policy shift and the associated “Make in India” strategy is bringing the country a positive cycle of investment with higher productivity, more jobs and increasing wages.

The opportunities opening up for GAW in this movement are great. Because wherever there are difficulties, and where quality is allowed to have its price, Indians are keen to draw on expertise from Austrian engineers. Based on a variety of well-established credentials, some of which date back to the early 1980s, GAW has a reputation in India for delivering excellent quality and this will be even more in demand in future than ever. At the same time, we must be aware that India is a price-sensitive market so it can be advantageous to offer models with somewhat fewer features and lower performance capabilities. This gives the customer the feeling that his wishes have been individually considered. Because, differently to in Europe, investment in India is in the moment. It is usually of little interest to a purchaser that a system can do something that is not needed today, however useful this might be in the future.

Considering the “Make in India” campaign and our many years of intensive commitment to the Indian market, the foundation of a standalone Indian company was the next logical step. So GAW India Paper Coating Systems Ltd, which is a subsidiary of GAW technologies GmbH, commenced operations in June 2016. Operational management of GAW India PCS is undertaken by Ranjit Narayanan and Masters graduate Marc Pildner-Steinburg.

Ranjit Narayanan is a trained process technician and has over 23 years of experience working for Tamil Nadu News Print & Papers Ltd, including in the coating kitchen. In recent years he has been employed as Manager for Marketing and Business Development at Elof Hansson India.

We believe that those who want to conduct business in India in the future must already have a presence there.


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