GAW order at Volkswagen Hanover

Once again, GAW technologies has been commissioned by the Volkswagen Group for the production site in Hanover.

The Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge (Commercial Vehicles) main plant has been modernising its vehicle assembly system since 2011. The project NZM (“Neue zukunftsfähige Montage”, or “new future- proof assembly”) aims to increase product flexibility, increase profitability, improve ergonomics and replace older equipment with a view to reducing maintenance costs. The project is to be implemented in several construction phases by 2016 and is now entering the next project phase in which a new door conveyer system will be constructed. The commitment of the GAW office in Hanau combined with the high-level technical solution was ultimately the decisive factor here for the contract awarded to GAW.

The scope of supply in detail: The doors of the new model T6 will be transported from the existing assembly lines (door collection area) to the new lines (door installation). A Power & Free System with a Cardan joint chain from the company Kewesta is to be used for this. The plant has a total length of around 1,800 m of P.a.F track. In the first expansion stage, there are 418 free car trains with door hangers in the system. The doors are manually transferred to the door hangers by means of manipulators in the collection area. Production data is read and transferred to the data storage medium of the hanger for either the left or right door. After the doors are collected, the hangers move in pairs to the door installation area and are placed on the transport route to be supplied straight to the assembly lines. Before being installed, the left and right doors are divided and transferred to the discharge lift. The door hangers move to safety net level in the discharge lift and are lowered to the transfer height. After they are released, the operator removes the left/right door from the hanger using manipulators and installs them in the vehicle. The empty hangers are then transported to the safety net level and move back to the door collection area. A repairs area is planned in the return route where the empty hangers can be discharged if required.

The plant is to be expanded in two further stages of construction at a later date. The aim will be to transfer the painted doors to the hangers directly in the door removal area and then to fit them out in the new door assembly lines. The time frame for this comprehensive and large project is very ambitious; the current scope of supply is to be completed in summer 2015 after the company holiday.

(August 2015)

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